The Masks We Wear

Oil on canvas

20 inches H x 24 inches W

Inspired by the pandemic of 2020.

The original artwork is acrylic on canvas with specialized Japanese paper and gold and silver leaf guiding.

Using the world’s most advanced scanning technology, I have taken my big art pieces and created 100 fine art high quality prints. All limited Edition Prints are Giclee fine art prints printed on archival quality material. These museum quality prints combined with the advanced scanning technology gives so much detail it is hard to distinguish a print from the original! All prints are hand signed and numbered by the artist and are strictly Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition Prints come with hand embellishments including gold and silver leaf from my grandfathers 1930's sign-writing supplies!

The print is 39.4 cm wide x 46.48 cm high. This includes a 7 cm border around the print with the artists handwritten signature and edition number in the bottom left of the border.

The Masks We Wear

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