Growth ruler

April 18, 2020

Growth ruler


Wood – big plank of pine (mine was 180cm x 24cm)

Painters tape (18mm width)

Black Spray paint or chalkboard spray paint



Carbon paper

Black paint

Fine paintbrush

Steel wool (000 grade or finer)

White Vinegar or apple cider vinegar

Big paintbrush

Burnt umber acrylic paint

Computer, Microsoft word, paper and printer


Step 1.

Place steel wool in jar with vinegar and let stand overnight with no lid on. You can let stand for days or weeks. I just let stand overnight and it did the trick.

Step 2.

Mark out your wood using pencil and ruler then place painters tape in places you don’t want the paint to show.

Step 3.

Spray paint over painters tape, wait to dry.

Step 4.

carefully remove tape.

Wait till paint is dry and carefully peel back tape

Step 5.

Strain the steel wool from vinegar and Using big brush wash liquid over ruler. It can dry looking a bit grey depending on the wood and vinegar you use which is where the burnt umber paint comes to play. While you are applying the vinegar solution to wood use tiny bits of burnt umber paint and brush into wood with big sweeping strokes. Keep applying wash and paint until you get the weathered wood look you are happy with.

Step 6.

Create your numbers and any lettering/words on your computer and print on plan paper. This can take a couple of attempts as you get the right fonts and size.

Lay bits of paper out on your wood, get someone to double check you have the measures right

Step 7.

Cut the numbers and words into small pieces and match with same size cut carbon paper. Place carbon paper carefully where you want numbers and words to go and place printed numbers and words on top. Trace carefully so a mark is left on the ruler.

Step 8.

Carefully paint over the traced out numbers and words.

Step 9.

Use 3m Velcro tags to hang on wall.

Ta Da!

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