Painted personified shapes

April 15, 2020

Bright and Personified Blobs, Boxes, Wheels, Shapes

This is such a fun painting to do at any size. You can do it yourself or help your older kids come up with the funny shapes and help them place onto the canvas.

Parent time

1 hour - help your kid do the pictures and get them onto the canvas

Kid time

5 hours

or if doing as adult project..

3-5 hours





Black marker

Acrylic coloured paint



1. Draw the shapes

Draw lots of different shapes om a piece of paper.

Add little changes to the shapes like hat or hair or arms or legs

I get inspiration from things around me like a can or a plant or this week the corona virus!

Add eyes to most shapes to personify the shapes.

2. Layer shapes

\I created my draft in Procreate so I could layer the shapes onto each other and find the perfect composition before I started drawing on the canvas.

If you dont have digital solution for this cut the shapes out and lay the shapes slightly on top of each other till you have a composition you like.

3. Draw onto canvas

Draw the final picture on your canvas.

4. Outline

Draw outline with permanent black marker

5. Mix paints

When painting shapes I like to use one colour per shape with variations of the tone.

To do this put a blob of white and a blob of paint on your palette then mix the lightest combination and leave some paint as it is or mix a tiny bit of even darker colour or Payne’s grey to make the darkest tone.

6. Paint your shapes.

Paint three colours then Blend each colour together on the canvas with a dry brush.

Add darker shades in areas of shape you think are in a shadow or sit slightly behind another shape to give it a little depth.

Todays shape painting -0 can you spot the corona virus and the hammer to knock it out?
This is one I did with older kids (ages 9-11) who helped create their own shapes in between my shapes.

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