Life in a jar (Ecosphere)

April 3, 2020
Kids projects


Kids like to create ecospheres to see what life they can create.


A creek nearby (which you are allowed to walk to)

Big glass jar



Water from the creek

Plants, moss and soil from near the creek

Tom at the creek collecting the ecosphere bits and pieces (yes we went for exercise!)


Put the soil in bottom of jar

Put some of the gravel

Put big rocks in

Then rest of the gravel

Next put a bit of creek water to reach top of gravel

Then add plants in between rocks and some sticks

Then use the rest of the water that you collected from the creek and fill your jar up to 75% complete

Close with lid or if you don’t have a lid cut a piece of sponge and place it in the top

Wait a day for the soil sediment to settle to bottom and water to become clearer

About a week later or 5 days you should see small creatures swimming about


Make sure you get everything from the creek because that’s where the good bacteria is and hopefully you’ll be able to grow some animals in your little ecosphere.

When Pouring water into the jar do it slowly and onto one of your rock so then it trickles down and doesn’t create muddy water

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