Solar Spray

April 19, 2020
Kids projects

Spray paint a galaxy far far away

The project was directed by a talented 10 year old who nailed the brief

There are so many planets you can try to recreate or make up your own.

Parent time

30 mins (to go and buy materials)

Kid time

3-5 hours (depending on number of canvases used)


Flat canvases or ply board

Spray paint (black, white, 3 or more galaxy like for example blue, red, purple or yellow, orange)

Old saucepan lid



1. Place planet - put saucepan lid on canvas where you want the planet to be.

2. Spray around the sauce pan lid with any color spray paint. This gives an outline to the planet.

3. Lift the saucepan lid off the canvas and put it to the side

4. Colour the planet- Use spray paint to spray two lines through middle of planet. Use spray paint to fill-in the three sections of the planet. You can go over the lines you don’t have to be neat.

5. Add Atmosphere- Spray white on top of paint / not to much. Scrunch up newspaper then flatten out. Now put newspaper over the top of planet and tap it. Note: don’t take too long otherwise paint will dry! Lift newspaper off.

6. Add sky - Put saucepan lid back on planet and spraypaint over canvas with black paint. Filling every bit of canvas.

7. Add a Milky Way - to add a Milky Way spray line across the whole canvas in dark blue or purple

8. Add stars-to add stars spray white at a high but slow stream or get white acrylic paint and flick it with your fingers onto the canvas.

9. Reveal planet - Remove the sauce pan lid carefully from your canvas and your planet is complete!

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