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April 3, 2020
Kids projects

Smash a Pinata

This post was given to me from an amazing Mum, friend and woman!

Everyone loves smashing a pinata and this easy to make balloon pinata is no exception!

Parent time

1 hour+

Kid Time

1 hour+


A round balloon

PVA glue

Strips of newspaper





Tissue paper (Optional)


Paper mache - you got this Mum don't let go of the balloon!


1. Blow up a round balloon and tie a knot in the end.

2. To make the papier mache paste, mix two parts PVA glue to one part water in a bowl.  Dip the newspaper strips into the paste and cover the balloon.  Make sure you leave a hole at the top, near the knot.

3. Once dry, cover the balloon with another layer ofnewspaper and leave it to dry.  Then,repeat the process for a final time with one more layer of newspaper.  

4. Once fully dry, pop the balloon inside and remove it.  

5. Paint your pinata in one colour all over.  Once dry, paint a funky pattern over the top.

Starring this wonderful soul!

6. Make two holes opposite each other at the top.  Thread string through the holes and tie a knot at the top.  

7. Fill the pinata with lots of your favourite sweets or mini toys.

8. Make a pinata stick – let the kids decorate a sturdy empty foil roll or you can use a broom handle – anything hard to bash it with.  

O&O getting ready for the big bash!

9. An adult needs to hold the pinata in the air (or stick the pinata to the ceiling with tape), blindfold your child, gently spin them round a few times, give them three turns each to find and hit the pinata until it busts open and empties the surprises onto the floor!  


This is best made over a few days –by adding three layers it makes it much more challenging.  A pinata is great for a party and perfect as a special treat whilst in lockdown.  For an extra twist try adding colourful tissue paper to your pinata but never add glitter! Apart from getting into your kids eyes you will find it all over the house, your hair, everywhere... for days!  

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