Melting Crayons

April 24, 2020
Kids projects

Melting Crayons

This project is great for transforming odd bits of crayon into a masterpiece!

Parent time

20 minutes (get materials and supervise the blow drying!)

Kid time

One hour it depends


Box of crayons

PVA glue




Thick cardboard (optional)


Peel and break crayons

Peel crayons and break into similar pieces

Arrange your broken crayons

Layout broken bits into a colour scheme you like

Glue crayons to canvas

Select the pieces for the canvas and glue - then wait for glue to dry

Set up melting space with newspaper

I taped newspaper to the wall and desk in the laundry to do the project - you need a power point close by.

Turn on high heat and blow heat onto crayons

Get close to crayons and start melting those puppies in any which way you please.

Let dry and admire your work!

Get more creative

Cut out some very thick cardboard into a shape and stick to bottom of canvas.

Make sure there are no gaps in the cardboard and canvas otherwise the crayon will run through instead of around

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